DDS/DAT tape

Ultra Thin Layer Technology (DAT 72/DAT160)

Ceramic Armor Metal Particles

(DDS1, DDS2 , DDS3, DDS4)



>Ultra Thin Layer Technology (DAT 72)

Maxell DAT 72 tapes employ an ultra thin magnetic layer technology that provides

a magnetic coating layer of sub-micron proportions.

Maxell combines specialised calendering techniques, which maintain proper particle alignment,

with superior tape tensioning designedto ensure the tape always maintains optimum

contact with the drive’s heads. Maxell utilises exclusive technologies to form a

smooth running surface and realize high output and stable signal characteristics.

>Precision Engineered Cartridges (DAT 72)
Maxell's advanced cartridge design features a virtually dust-proof anti-static shell

that prevents invasion by foreign particles, effectively ensuring recording

integrity and tape longevity.Other features that also contribute to effective and

reliable data storage include the single-mold vibration-resistant half,

reinforced slip sheet and metal spring in the slider lock. All Maxell DAT 72 tapes

are fitted with Maxell's own Safe-T-Hublock hub locking mechanism to ensure

proper tape tension and prevent mis-threading during initial loading.

>Ceramic Armor Metal Particles
Maxell's patented ceramic coating process acts as a protective armor for the

fine metal particles in the magnetic layer of the tape to guard against heat,

humidity, abrasion and oxidation.The process is skillfully engineered to

achieve the high output, high S/N ratio and low error rate

necessary to ensure reliable data storage across a wide range applications.

>Low error rate and long archival life.

>Advanced cartridge design to ensure contamination-free recording.

>Superior data grade tape with a minimal dropout rate.

>All 4mm tapes feature Maxell's unique Safe-T-Lock hub-locking mechanism

to ensure proper tape tensionand prevent misthreading during initial loading.



Type Model Tape Length Cartridge Size Capacity (Compressed)
m mm GB
DAT 72 HS4/170S 170 73.0 × 54.0 × 10.5 36 (72)
DDS-4 HS-4/150 155 20 (40)
DDS-3 HS-4/125 125 12 (24)
DDS-2 HS-4/120 124 4 (8)
DDS HS-4/90 91 2 (4)
HS-4/60 60 1.3 (2.6)


Cleaning Cartridge


Model Type
HS-4/CL 4mm Cleaning Cartridge

>Effective for 50 cleanings, depending on drive type
>Cannot be rewound and used again
>For periodic cleaning of 4mm data cartridge drives
>Package design and model numbers differ region to region