Warnings about Fakes

A warning about the existence of fake Maxell products.

Maxell has become aware of the existence of fake, or non-100% original Maxell products in the marketplace.  These include products that have been branded and/or re-packaged without authorisation as 100% original Maxell products.

Such unauthorised products can cause serious injury to the user and damage to equipment, especially where energy (battery) products are involved. We recommend strongly that only 100% original Maxell products be used.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any Maxell branded items that are not 100% original Maxell products. To be sure, please use only 100% original Maxell products that are purchased from us or from our appointed wholesalers/dealers.

Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns or queries about non-100% original products that might be branded as Maxell.