URGENT Press Release

Maxell Refutes Erroneous Press Information on LTO


Hitachi Maxell Refutes Erroneous Press Information on LTO
Tokyo, May 15, 2014 ---

Hitachi Maxell Ltd. (Maxell) today denounced as totally false a press release that was recently published in StorageNewletter.com and possibly other publications. Maxell categorically denies the information circulating that it has decided to cease manufacturing tape cartridge media and exit the optical media business.

Maxell is a premier manufacturer of magnetic storage media and supplier of Maxell branded optical media and remains committed to these business categories. 

The information that was published was done so without the knowledge or endorsement of Maxell and is totally false. Maxell has a long and rich history of developing and supplying data cartridges, which are highly compatible and durable for the data backup market.

The data cartridges also feature our original Ceramic Armor Metal Particles that are used in the production of many of our tape based products.Currently, Maxell continues to develop and supply new storage media products for high capacity computer tape, such as LTO7 cartridges, in order to meet the demands of the Ultrium Roadmap, and new optical media products in order to meet market demand.

Maxell regrets that this erroneous information was published and has demanded that a retraction be published by any and all media that published the false information.

*Linear Tape-Open, LTO, LTO logo, Ultrium and Ultrium logo are trade mark of HP, IBM and Quantum for US and other region.